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SVC Encoder

Coded once applying to multi-screens

SVC Encoder based on H. 264/AVC scalable video coding(SVC) extension encodes video in layerd coding on temporal, spacial and quality. It can efficiently adapt to the network heterogeneity, terminal diversity and bandwidth fluctuation. Videos only coded once applies to multiple terminals and bandwith, and provides the video definition that best supports according to different terminals and network situation. Video site no longer need to store copies of videos for multiple bit rates so that lower the storage requirement.

Supporting a variety of formats video source

SVC Encoder supports encoding most major formats video source files(such as mp4, avi,. Flv, etc.) into SVC files and batch-processing videos. Video sites can transcode multi formats files to SVC format easily. Meanwhile batch encoding can also save time of manually operation so that higher efficiency is gained.

High compression efficiency

The compressing data shows that the compression ratio of the encoding module of SVC Encoder improves over 20 percent than that of SVC reference encoding software provided by ISO. That means the output bandwith and storage space of video sites could be efficiently saved, thus bandwith costs and storage costs could be further reduced.

Fully functional

The fully functional SVC Encoder could not only set encoding parameters(such as bit rate, definition, etc.) flexibly, but alse support funcions like adding sticker and subtitiles. Thus operators can conveniently adjust the parameters to encode video stream of different quality according to different requirement, and insert watermarks and subtitles.