Lentoid HEVC/H.265 decoder and related SDKs are released, download right now!

High concurrency

In the situation of PC and smart terminals tend to have multi-core CPU, SVC Decoder based on H. 264/AVC scalable video coding(SVC) extension is developed with efficient parallel decoding algorithm which takes full advantage of multicores, thus the decoding speed of overall system can be improved. Customers no longer perlex jams caused by decoding while enjoying visual experience brought by HD videos.

Low CPU usage

Strongene development teams optimize the efficiency of the decoder. Through optimization of the details, we greatly reduce CPU utilization of the decoding module. That means customers no longer concern that the speed an performace of other operations may be affected as HD video playback. One can continue the original work while enjoying HD video.

Supporting for multiple teminals

According to statistics, proportion of video watching on mobile terminals rises significantly compared with past, and to adapt to a variety of terminals is one of the advantages of SVC. SVC Decoder supports not only for PC, but also for Android system and IOS system. HD Video can also be watched on mobile terminals as the bandwith and terminal configuration commit. Operators no longer need to provide the mobile terminal with other video sources of different bit rates from PC.